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dc.contributor.authorLam, Hon Wai
dc.contributor.authorDooley, Johnathon
dc.description.abstractRaw NMR data for the paper entitled: "One-carbon oxidative annulation of 1,3-enynes by catalytic C–H functionalization and 1,4-rhodium(III) migration"en_UK
dc.publisherThe University of Nottinghamen_UK
dc.subject.lcshChemical reactorsen_UK
dc.subject.lcshAromatic compoundsen_UK
dc.subject.lcshNucleophilic reactionsen_UK
dc.subject.lcshHeterocyclic compoundsen_UK
dc.titleNMR data for paper: One-carbon oxidative annulation of 1,3-enynes by catalytic C–H functionalization and 1,4-rhodium(III) migrationen_UK
dc.subject.freeNMR Data for One-Carbon Oxidative Annulation of 1,3-Enynes by Catalytic C–H Functionalization and 1,4-Rhodium(III) Migrationen_UK
dc.subject.jacsPhysical sciences::Chemistry::Organic chemistry::Organometallic chemistryen_UK
dc.subject.lcQ Science::QD Chemistry::QD241 Organic chemistryen_UK
uon.divisionUniversity of Nottingham, UK Campus::Faculty of Science::School of Chemistryen_UK
uon.funder.controlledEngineering & Physical Sciences Research Councilen_UK
uon.datatypeNMR dataen_UK
uon.funder.freeUniversity of Edinburghen_UK
uon.grantEP/I004769/1 and EP/I004769/2en_UK
uon.collectionmethodUsing NMR spectrometersen_UK

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