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    • Electric field responsive nanotransducers for glioblastoma 

      Akhil, Jain; Frankie, Rawson (The University of Nottingham., 2022-09-20)
      Data set associated with the following manuscript - Electric field responsive nanotransducers for glioblastoma. Accepted for publication in Bioelectronic medicine.
    • In situ growth of silver microwires 

      Sanjuan Alberte, Paola; Rawson, Frankie (ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 2019-02-08)
      Raw data corresponding to "Remotely Controlled in Situ Growth of Silver Microwires Forming Bioelectronic Interfaces", ACS Applied Materials Interfaces, 2019.
    • Microparticles decorated with cell-instructive surface chemistries actively promote wound healing 

      Ghaemmaghami, Amir; Alexander, Morgan; Irvine, Derek (The University of Nottingham, 2022-12-01)
      Wound healing is a complex biological process involving close crosstalk between various cell types. Dysregulation in any of these processes, such as in diabetic wounds, results in chronic non-healing wounds. Fibroblasts ...
    • NeuRoi 

      Tench, Christopher R (The University of Nottingham, 2020-04-20)
      NeuRoi image processing/analysis software