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    • Data - Exploring reliability and validity of responsible talk (Spain) 

      Pons, Rosa; Reyes, Vicente Jr (The University of Nottingham, 2021-04-30)
      This is the raw data (quantitative) for a research on how teachers and students undertake collaborative talk in higher education contexts.
    • DRIVE Project interview data 

      Walton, Elizabeth (The University of Nottingham, 2022-12-31)
      These are the redacted transcriptions of interviews held with disabled refugee students and their families, education officials and NGO workers in South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.
    • The Hub for Education for Refugees in Europe Knowledge Base: Technical Report and Framework 

      Aleghfeli, Yousef Khalifa; McIntyre, Joanna; Hunt, Lucy; Stone, Chris (The University of Nottingham, 2023-06-02)
      The Hub for Education for Refugees in Europe (HERE) provides a central reference point for information relating to refugee education throughout Europe in the form of a curated, searchable database of academic and non-academic ...