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      J Political science::JC Political theory [1]
      JACS Subjects::Biological Sciences [1]
      JACS Subjects::Biological Sciences::Biology::Cell biology [2]
      JACS Subjects::Biological Sciences::Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry [2]
      JACS Subjects::Engineering::Chemical, process & energy engineering::Chemical engineering::Biochemical engineering [2]
      JACS Subjects::Engineering::Civil engineering [1]
      JACS Subjects::Engineering::Civil engineering::Environmental engineering [2]
      JACS Subjects::Engineering::General engineering::Bioengineering, biomedical engineering & clinical engineering [1]
      JACS Subjects::Engineering::General engineering::Bioengineering, biomedical engineering & clinical engineering::Biomaterials [1]
      JACS Subjects::Medicine and Dentistry [1]
      JACS Subjects::Medicine and Dentistry::Clinical medicine [2]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Chemistry::Analytical chemistry [2]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Chemistry::Organic chemistry::Polymer chemistry [2]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Chemistry::Physical chemistry [3]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Materials science [3]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Physical geographical sciences::Physical geography [1]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Physics::Chemical physics, Solid-state physics [3]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Physics::Mathematical & theoretical physics::Computational physics [1]
      JACS Subjects::Physical sciences::Science of aquatic & terrestrial environments::Environmental sciences::Applied environmental sciences [1]
      JACS Subjects::Social Studies::Human & social geography::Human & social geography by topic::Cultural geography [1]