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    • Genomic data of the Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranea) 

      Muchugi Alice; Deynze Van Allen; Anthony, Simons; Bo, Song; Haorong, Lu; Yana-Shapiro Howard; Huan, Liu; Huanming, Yang; Jian, Wang; Linzhou, Li; Min, Liu; Hendre S. Prasad; Kendabie Presidor; Jamnadass Ramni; Kariba Robert; Muthemba Samuel; Mayes Sean; Shifeng, Cheng; Shufeng, Peng; Sibo, Wang; Sahu Kumar Sunil; Wai, Ho Kuan; Xin, Liu; Xuezhu, Liao; Xun, Xu; Yuan, Fu; Yue, Chang (GigaScience Database, 2019)