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    • Dataset for estimation of the biotic and climatic niche breadths and geographic range size of beech (Fagus) species worldwide 

      Cai Qiong; Welk Erik; Ji Chengjun; Fang Wenjing; Sabatini Francesco Maria; Zhu Jianxiao; Zhu Jiangling; Tang Zhiyao; Attorre Fabio; Campos Juan Antonio; ��arni Andra��; Chytr�� Milan; ��oban S��leyman; Dengler J��rgen; Dolezal Jiri; Field Richard; Frink J��zsef P��l; Gholizadeh Hamid; Indreica Adrian; Jandt Ute; Karger Dirk Nikolaus; Lenoir Jonathan; Peet Robert K.; Pielech Remigiusz; De Sanctis Michele; Schrodt Franziska; Svenning Jens-Christian; Tang Cindy Q.; Tsiripidis Ioannis; Willner Wolfgang; Yasuhiro Kubota; Fang Jingyun; Bruelheide Helge (Dryad, 2021)