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    • Electric field responsive nanotransducers for glioblastoma 

      Akhil, Jain; Frankie, Rawson (The University of Nottingham., 2022-09-20)
      Data set associated with the following manuscript - Electric field responsive nanotransducers for glioblastoma. Accepted for publication in Bioelectronic medicine.
    • Electrochemical Analysis of Gold Nanoparticles Multifunctionalised with Cytochrome c and a Zinc Porphyrin 

      Potts, Jordan (The University of Nottingham, 2024-02-09)
      Cytochrome c (Cyt c), known for its functional redox capabilities, plays a pivotal role in biological processes such as the electron transport chain and apoptosis. However, understanding how different conjugation strategies ...
    • Wireless intracellular sensing 

      Sanjuan Alberte, Paola; Rawson, Frankie (ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2019-09-05)
      Raw data corresponding to the paper "Wireless Nanobioelectronics for Electrical Intracellular Sensing", ACS Applied Nano Materials, 2019.