Labour Economics

As Taught in Spring Semester 2011



Dr R Upward, School of Economics, University of Nottingham

Module Title: Labour Economics

Module Code: L12322

Total Credits: 10

Level of Study: undergraduate

Offering School: School of Economics

Frequency of Class: 2 x 1 hour lectures per week, 1 x 1 hour tutorial per week, 1 x 1 hour computing workshop.

Co-requisites: L12302 Microeconomic Theory

Targeted Students: Available to all students who have the appropriate pre- and co-requisites

The content presented here provides information for prospective students on module L12322 – ‘Labour Economics’, offered by the school of Economics, University of Nottingham. The module convenor is Dr R Upward.

This module will introduce some basic theories of the labour market and look at evidence to see how well these theories explain the facts. Particular attention will be given to the relationship between the theory, empirical evidence and government policy. The module will refer especially to the UK labour market, but reference will also be made to other OECD economies.

For a list of topics taught on this module, proceed to ‘List of topics’