Aims and Objectives



  • To provide an introduction to theories of economic behaviour in the labour market;
  • To summarise and explain the empirical evidence on these theories;
  • To provide a description of the UK labour market and an analysis of recent policy in the light of this theory and evidence.
On completion of the module students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the economic principles behind the operation of the labour market;
  • Describe and explain relevant empirical evidence on the operation of the labour market;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of recent developments in the UK labour market;
  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of actual and proposed government policy towards the labour market.
Learning Outcomes

On completing this module, the learning outcomes are such that students will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • A1 Demonstrate a broad knowledge of core areas of economics
  • A2 Apply core economic theory and economic reasoning to applied topics.
  • A6 Discuss and analyse government policy.

Intellectual Skills

  • B2 work with abstract concepts and in a context of generality.
  • Professional/Practical Skill:
  • C3 Justify conclusions using economic arguments with appropriate rigour.

Transferable/Key Skills

  • D1 Apply mathematical, statistical and graphical techniques in an appropriate manner.
  • D2 Communicate effectively and clearly in written and oral formats.
  • D4 Show that they can work effectively in a team.