Self Assessment and Self Marketing

What skills and qualities do you think you need?

Most employers have a clear idea of the skills needed for a job and also a checklist of desirable personal qualities. Have a look at the following list of ‘typical’ skills identified by employers as important and cross reference with your own.

Problem Solving
Planning and Organisation
Team Working

These are just some of the skills you may need, have a look at the Prospects website to find out more

Can you provide evidence of these skills?

Thinking about this list of skills, can you provide examples of activities you have been involved with that evidence these skills?

Have you got a spread of academic, extra curricular and work examples? Have you got more than one example for each skill?

You can use involvements in sports teams, societies, part time jobs, volunteering and much more. As you are taking part in the Advantage Award, think about the modules you are completing and examples you could draw from here.

And remember...

When you have identified your examples, the employer wants to know about what YOU did.

  • What was your role?
  • What was your contribution?
  • What did you learn?
  • How might this help you apply your skills in the future?

In the UK, nearly 300,000 graduates leave university every year and compete with each other on the jobs market.

How are you going to stand out?

To be able to ‘market yourself’ to an employer, you must look seriously at three important factors:
Self assessment, self marketing and job analysis.

Many people find it challenging to assess their own personal qualities and skills and then present these to employers.

  • How will you ensure that you are presenting your experience and skills effectively?
  • How will you make an employer notice your application?
  • How will you make yourself stand out against the competition?

Employers will want to know

  • How do you respond in particular situations?
  • Will you meet the particular expectations of the organisation?
  • Do you really want that specific job, in that organisation, or are you just looking for any job?

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