Job Analysis

Having undergone a process of self-assessment and self-marketing, hopefully now you are more aware of what your strengths and skills are.

But how do you know what employers require, and more specifically, what the job requires?

There are a range of different approaches taken by employers to advertise and describe the jobs they are recruiting for. And, there are a range of methods used to assess whether you have the required skills level.

The Careers and Employability website has a video in which employers are talking about skills required and how they are assessed. The site also contains valuable information about how to target your CV or application against the job profile.

Have a look an the Job Analysis example on The Open University Careers Advisory Service website


Have a look at a company’s graduate recruitment website of your choice. From looking at the information available, job description and person specification answer the following questions below on your assessment form.

  • What kind of company do you think they are?
  • What are the skills and qualities required to do this particular job?
  • What kind of person do you think would be ideal for this job?
  • What is this company well-known for? What kind of market do they operate in?
  • Could you see yourself doing this job? If so, why? If not, why not?

Job Analysis (Careers Advisory Service, The Open University)

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