Now you have worked through the sessions and completed the activities along the way. It is now important to record and reflect on your placement or internship. The reflective journal is designed to help you reflect upon and make the most out of your work experience so that you can analyse activity you are involved in, understand what went well and why, what went wrong and why, and take key learning points for the future.

By now, you should have an increased knowledge and better understanding of:

  • yourself and the things that interest and motivate you.
  • the benefits of reflective learning.
  • the value of work experience.
  • the skills you will need to enhance your employability.

Amongst the skills you have gained you should be able to demonstrate improved competency in:

  • self organisation and time management.
  • making appropriate use of I.T.
  • being able to relate to people from all backgrounds and levels of seniority.
  • reflective thinking and writing.
  • monitoring personal performance and assimilating feedback from others.
  • analytical and critical assessment.

Once you have worked through this handbook, you will be ready to put your portfolio together before the final assessment and review workshop. You will need to include any material that shows you have actively thought about the following: (include the completed templates and log sheets).

  • an original CV if you have one that you completed before the work experience.
  • evidence of self-reflection.
  • skills evaluation (include the pre-work skills audit).
  • understanding of what employers are seeking.
  • knowledge of the skills you need for your chosen occupational area (include the occupation skills matrix).
  • knowing where your strengths and weaknesses lie (include your SWOT analysis).
  • action planning.
  • use of resources.
  • reflective log or diary
  • review of your work experience.
  • achievements and supporting evidence.
  • feedback from your employer or supervisor.
  • how the work experience has affected your skills (include the post-work experience skills audit).
  • an updated CV.


Reflective Journal

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