War, Peace & Political Thought

As taught Spring Semester 2011

Dr Ben Holland, School of Politics and International Relations

This resource presents the module handbook for the War, Peace & Political Thought module.

Overview of Module:

This is an advanced module in the history of international political thought for MA students. It is structured in two parts. The first, comprising sessions 2-7, is concerned with an approach to the history of international theory, influential in the field, which insists on placing theorists in one of three ‘traditions’. We interrogate the integrity of these traditions, in each case, by analysing the work of at least two writers who are said to belong squarely to the tradition, or indeed to have founded it. In the second part of the module, we examine a number of ways in which international relations theorists and political theorists are turning their attention to the history of political theory or international thought in order to illuminate or evaluate some aspect of contemporary global politics. The module therefore complements and reinforces at least two others on the MA programme: it gives some historical grounding to ‘Theories and Concepts in International Relations’; and it introduces methods and perspectives in political theory that supplement those that students of ‘Justice Beyond Borders’ will become practised in.

Module Codes: M14136 (20 credits) M14137 (15 credits)

Suitable for study at: Postgraduate Level

Method and Frequency of Class: 1 x 2 hour seminar per week

Target Students: MA students in Social Sciences and Humanities. Available to JYA/Erasmus students. There is a limited number of places on this module. Students are reminded that enrolments which are not agreed by the Offering School in advance may be cancelled without notice.

Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: None

Offering School: Politics and International Relations