4.9 Hydropolitics



4.9 Hydropolitics

Many countries are facing a global water shortage that is linked to their food supply. There are a number of other ways in which water supply may affect world politics. Conflict events often fall under several categories of definition listed below.

Control of Water Resources: Water supplies or access to water at the root of tensions

Military Tool: Water resources, or water systems themselves used by a nation or state as a weapon during military action

Political Tool: Water resources, or water systems themselves, used by a nation, state or non-state actors for a political goal

Terrorism: Water resources, or water systems, as targets or tools of violence or coercion by non-state actor

Military Target: Water resource systems as targets of military actions by nations or states

Development Disputes: Water resources or systems as source of contention in the context of social and economic development [see reference 29]