Number for Nurses: Division

Number for Nurses: Division

Number for Nurses: Division
The Number for Nurses Computer Assisted Learning Package begins with a basic principles section which is followed by application to nursing practice. The basic principles section deals with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, S.I. units and scales and gauges. In each area a variety of methods are used to enable the student to understand these principles, through interactive tutorials and consolidate learning through exercises.

The aim of the division section is to help the student become competent both in the recognition of factors in fractions, and the ability to transfer simple fractions into long division format. These skills are particularly relevant during clinical practice as the nurse will be expected to utilise these methods to accurately calculate the drug dose to be administered to a patient.

The package can be accessed from the first year of the course and it is expected that the student will work through the basic principles section first. The application section will support the student through the second and third years of the course, as they become involved in the more complex elements of nursing skills. By the end of the third year the package should have enabled the student to gain the competency in application of number skills which will facilitate the transfer to qualified nurse status.

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Number for Nurses: Division

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