Ideas and politics in contemporary Britain

Ideas and politics in contemporary Britain

Ideas and politics in contemporary Britain
As taught Spring Semester 2011.

The aim of this module is to explain and assess the nature and role of ideas and ideologies in British politics. Specifically, it examines how and why the policies of the 'mainstream' parties (Conservative, Labour and the Liberal Democrats) have been affected by ideas and ideologies, on the one hand, and political pragmatism, on the other. It also explores the ideas and ideologies of minor parties and ‘new social movements’ and their role and significance for the study and practice of politics in Britain today.

Module Codes: M13115 (20 credits)

Suitable for study at: undergraduate Level

Dr Andrew Denham, School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Denham holds a 1st Class degree in Applied Social Sciences, an MA in Political Thought and a PhD in Politics from the University of Southampton, where he was supervised by Professor Raymond (now Lord) Plant. His PhD on New Right think tanks in British politics, won the UK Political Studies Association's Walter Bagehot Prize for Best Thesis in Government and Administration. In 2007, he received the PSA's Richard Rose Prize for his distinctive contribution to research in British Politics. His research and teaching interests encompass British political ideas, British public policy, Conservative Party politics and political biography.

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Ideas and politics in contemporary Britain

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