Industry perspectives in media branding and promotion

Industry perspectives in media branding and promotion

Industry perspectives in media branding and promotion
In this presentation from the Institute of Film and Television Studies' Ephemeral Media Workshops Charlie Mawer from Red Bee Media, discusses his company's work on the branding and promotion of television channels; from BBC channels through to new channels like Dave.

Presentation produced/delivered: June/July 2009

Suitable for undergraduate study and community education

Charlie Mawer, Executive Creative Director, Red Bee Media

Charlie Mawer, after a spell of writing comedy, joined a fledgling BBC creative department eventually becoming Executive Creative Director. In 2005 he helped transform the company into Red Bee Media.

Since then he has overseen high profile work including the rebranding of BBC1, BBC3, Virgin1 and the network rebranding of UKTV including the IPA gold winning creation of Dave.

Red Bee Media works globally with media brands including Disney, Discovery, ESPN, Canal+, and has produced branding for CCTV – China Central Television’s Olympic channel, the host broadcaster for the Beijing Olympics.

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Industry perspectives in media branding and promotion

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