Distance learning material

Distance learning material

Distance learning material
The materials provided are taken from three postgraduate modules which students study as part of the School's distance learning MA degree programmes in 'Literary Linguistics', 'Applied Linguistics, Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching' and 'Modern English Language'.

Our courses generally consist of 10 units which cover the key areas of study within particular disciplines, in conjunction with material documenting the latest developments within each field. The 'Descriptive Linguistic Analysis' units are taken from the compulsory foundational module, enabling students to gain the core knowledge that they will need throughout their programme.

The 'Literary Linguistics' and 'Language and Gender' units are examples from modules that students chose to specialise in, depending upon their own particular interests. At present, 100 Students from a range of diverse backgrounds in numerous locations throughout the world are registered on these courses. Students use these materials as starting points to their study, and then interaction with tutors and fellow students is maintained via email, discussion boards and chat rooms.

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Distance learning material

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