Open for learning

Open for learning

Open for learning
This xerte on-line toolkits resource has been produced as part of the JISC funded BERLiN (Building Exchanges for Research and Learning in Nottingham) project run by The University of Nottingham from April 2009 - April 2010. The project aimed to publish and share the equivalent of 360 credits of Open Educational Resources (OERs), enhance and expand Nottingham's existing Open Educational Repository (U-Now) and foster OER use and reuse.

This open educational resource aims to share knowledge gained from involvement in the BERLiN OER project, develop open content literacy and explore perspectives, attitudes and approaches to open learning. In order to promote the use and reuse of OERs across the University, an ‘Open for Learning’ module was created. The module is available as an optional module on the Nottingham PGCHE and supports Nottingham’s open philosophy. This resource presents the information delivered as part of the 'Open for Learning Module.'

This resource will be of interest to new OER content makers and sharers, learners and educators wishing to:

- Discover or source Creative Commons educational resources and images
- Use and attribute creative commons resources appropriately
- Explore the process and licences involved in creating and publishing OERs as well as their own attitudes and perspective on this topic

This resource is suitable for all levels of study.

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Open for learning

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