Hitler and the Third Reich

Hitler and the Third Reich

Hitler and the Third Reich
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As taught in Spring Semester 2010.

The Third Reich is one of the most notorious, discussed and horrific periods of our age and although it is also very well researched, still raises many questions: How could a man like Hitler gain so much power? How could a whole nation ‘fall’ for the Nazi ideology? Why the Jews ..?

In this module we will aim to deal with these and other questions about the time between 1933 and 1945. We will discuss and research its politics as well as its society and culture, raise questions about the function of propaganda, press and youth and women organisations as well as the role of films, art and literature. Some theoretical writings on fascist ideology will provide us with relevant background knowledge and we will work with original German materials such as documents, newspapers, photos, posters, films and speeches.

The module consists of a one hour lecture and a one hour seminar. Where appropriate, lectures will be delivered in German, accompanied by an extensive module booklet with lecture notes and further material. Discussions and seminars will be held in English.

This module is suitable for study at undergraduate level 1.

Dr Heike Bartel.

Dr Bartel's current research focus is on Mythology and myth reception from 18th to 20th century with particular focus on the myth of Medea. Recent activities and publications in this field include: Co-editor (with Dr. A. Simon, University of Bristol) of book 'Unbinding Medea: Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Classical Myth from Antiquity to the 21st Century' (Oxford: Legenda, 2010).

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Hitler and the Third Reich

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