Transitions : figures in space

Transitions : figures in space

Transitions : figures in space
In this video Dr Edward Sellman talks about his portrait of the late Alan Sillitoe.

As well as being an expert in special needs in Education, Dr Edward Sellman is also a recognised artist and in this video he takes you round his latest exhibition and reveals all about meeting and painting the famous author.


Suitable for Undergraduate Study and Community Education

Dr Edward Sellman, Lecturer, School of Education

Dr Edward Sellman is a member of the Centre for Research in Schools and Communities. After training as an art/primary-school teacher he worked with children experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties in a range of settings. He is the course leader of the Masters in Special Needs programmes (Nottingham and Malaysia campuses) and acts as a supervisor for research students working for MPhil/PhD degrees. He has conducted research about arts partnerships, children's experiences of exclusion from school, pupil voice and peer mediation projects in schools. He is author of the recently published book, 'Mediation Matters: Creating Peaceful Schools through Peer Mediation', published by LDA and the forthcoming book 'Creative Learning to Meet Special Needs', to be published by Routledge/Taylor & Francis. He is also a member of the International Journal of Pastoral Care in Education editorial board and a Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health

Edward is also a practising artist/photographer (see www.megaumbrella.co.uk)

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Transitions : figures in space

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