User-generated content : archeologies, economies and ecologies

User-generated content : archeologies, economies and ecologies

User-generated content : archeologies, economies and ecologies
In this presentation from the Institute of Film and Television Studies' Ephemeral Media workshops, Professor Jon Dovey (UWE) presents his research into user-generated content.
PLEASE NOTE: The presentation begins with a five minute video clip; keynote begins thereafter.

Presentation produced/delivered: June/July 2009

Suitable for: Undergraduate study and community education

Author and Presenter: Professor Jon Dovey, University of the West of England

Jon has recently been appointed to the new Faculty of Creative Arts at University of the West of England with a view to raising the profile of media research there. The vehicle for this will be the Digital Cultures Research Centre, interfacing industry and academia, based at the Pervasive Media Studio.

Jon is a leading researcher in the field of interactive media and gaming and spent the first 15 years of his working life in video production, working through the early years of Channel Four as a researcher, editor and eventually as Producer. He worked principally in documentary and experimental video, co-founding original scratch artists Gorilla Tapes in 1984. His video projects gained international distribution and recognition and have now taken their place in the documented histories of UK Video Art. After moving to Bristol in 1990 he worked at the Watershed Media Centre for two years before teaching at the University of Plymouth in 1992 and then at both the University of the West of England School of Cultural Studies and the University of Bristol. As Head of the Department of Drama at Bristol University he piloted a £13m redevelopment through University planning stages.

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User-generated content : archeologies, economies and ecologies

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