Quantitative economics 1

Quantitative economics 1

Quantitative economics 1
As taught Autumn Semester 2010.

There are no pre-requisites for this module. In particular, there is no assumption that Mathematics has previously been studied to A-level standard. In common with practically all subjects, theory in Economics is intrinsically mathematical, and those areas of Mathematics - principally differential calculus and its applications - most relevant to Economics will be covered. The mathematical techniques will be illustrated through economic applications, principally microeconomic, in part because a microeconomics module is taken in parallel with this one.

It is important that you practice and try to understand the mathematical concepts presented to you within this module as they will be used throughout your undergraduate Economics degree. If you do not understand the mathematical concepts presented then seek help from the lecturer, the tutor or your QE1 tutor group.

Module Code: L11106

This module is suitable for study at: undergraduate level 3

Credits: 20

Dr Dr Richard Kneller, School of Economics

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Quantitative economics 1

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