Power and the state

Power and the state

Power and the state
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As taught Autumn Semester 2010

The module compares and contrasts political decision-making structures in a variety of contexts, with the aim of analyzing questions of power within and across nation states.

The module gives students an introduction to comparative politics – and so forms the basis for later and more detailed studies in the second and third years. It encompasses numerous examples to help students understand similarities and differences between governments as practiced in the United Kingdom and abroad. More particularly, and most importantly, the module introduces students to the basic methods of comparative politics.

Module Code:M11003 (10 credits), M11153 (15 credits)

Suitable for study at: Undergraduate level 1

Professor Steven Fielding, Politics and International Relations

Professor Fielding is able to comment on most aspects of British contemporary politics and modern political history, but has a specialist interest in the Labour Party and popular perceptions of politics in general. he has appeared many times on Sky News, Channel Four News, Radio 4 and Radio 5 as well as various local and international radio stations. He has been interviewed for the Guardian, International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and numerous other international publications. Professor Fielding has also written for the Guardian, the BBC website, Yorkshire Post, Prospect, Progress as well as History and Policy. In July 2010 he wrote and presented a documentary on Radio 4, 'Dramatising New Labour'.

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Power and the state

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