Genocide and public health

Genocide and public health

Genocide and public health
This e-learning package has been developed by Makarious Awad as part of his B.Med.Sci. project that was conducted in the Division of Public Health and Epidemiology in the University of Nottingham. This project was supervised by Drs. Heather Roberts and Puja Myles. Technical supervision was provided by Nicki Keating and the package was revised and edited for publication on UNOW by Dr. Sudhir Venkatesan.

2) Target Audience

The e-learning package was mainly aimed at undergraduate medical students, but assumes no prior knowledge on the topic. This makes it suitable for anyone with a basic understanding of public health principles and health education. Individuals from other disciplinary backgrounds wishing to gain a broad understanding of genocide and public health would also benefit from this e-learning package.

3) About Makarious

Makarious is a medical student at the University of Nottingham. He joined Medical School because of his passion for medicine and later became interested in Public Health. Makarious is a passionate advocate for increasing awareness of health inequalities and the recognition that human rights and health are inseparable. He recognises the role of Public Health in educating the public, health professionals and key policy makers on these issues.

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Genocide and public health

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