Foundations for politics

Foundations for politics

Foundations for politics
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As taught Autumn Semester 2010/2011.

This module introduces students to the intellectual and practical skills they will need for the successful study of politics.

Module Code: M11014

Suitable for study at: Undergraduate level 1


Professor Philip Cowley, School of Politics and International Relations

Professor Cowley's research interests are primarily in British politics, especially political parties, voting and Parliament.

He has three future projects, one major, two more minor. The first is to write the next volume in the British General Election of xxxx series, with Dennis Kavanagh, taking over from David Butler, after his 50+ years involved in the project. As two side-lines, he is also interested in issues to do with political engagement, and especially the disconnection between politicians and public (although, unlike many who write on this subject, he doesn't assume that this is always the fault of the politicians), as well as ideas for parliamentary reform imported from outside the UK.

Past Research includes moral debates in British politics and the British Conservative Party; study of the behaviour of British MP's since the election of Tony Blair as Prime Minister.

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Foundations for politics

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