Governments and politics of the USA

Governments and politics of the USA

Governments and politics of the USA
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As taught Autumn Semester 2010/2011.

This is a self-contained study of the institutions and processes of the government and politics of the United States. It explores the concepts of limited government, constitutionalism and checks and balances, and the way in which they operate in the American political system.

It examines how American governments seek to make policy, the extent to which they can make an impact on society and the different types of constraints on their actions. It also looks at democracy in the American context, how citizens attempt to influence the activities of government and their expectations and beliefs about what is the appropriate role of government.

Module Code: M12019

Suitable for study at: Undergraduate level 1


Dr Sue Pryce, School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Pryce's interests include British and US politics; the premiership, politics and drugs.

Modules taught: Power and Leadership; European Union Studies; American Government and Politics; Political Ideas in Revolution; Political Ideas in Conflict; Politics and Drugs (all undergraduate).

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Governments and politics of the USA

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