Sustainability: the geography perspective

Sustainability: the geography perspective

Sustainability: the geography perspective
This module considers sustainability with respect to water, food, agriculture, forestry and energy. For each of these elements of sustainability, the module illustrates why their sustainable management is important, given that we are living within finite environmental limits. A novel aspect of the module is that in most sessions you update your own personal blog (or offline document), which can be used to provide a record of your opinions on sustainability, details on your awareness of sustainability, and specific examples of sustainability. The module is assessed by means of producing and presenting a poster at an internal “Sustainability Conference”.

Dr Simon Gosling, University of Nottingham.

My main interests are in understanding the impacts of climate change on natural and human systems, and bridging the boundary between physical science and impact and policy-related areas.

Much of my current research investigates the potential impact of climate change on global- and catchment-scale hydrology and water resources. I am interested in understanding how average conditions and extremes (floods and droughts) might be affected by climate change. I apply a variety of climate and hydrological numerical models to achieve this. I also have strong interests in modelling the relationship between climate and human health; specifically, on the association between extreme temperature events (heat waves and cold snaps) and temperature-related mortality.

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Sustainability: the geography perspective

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