King Lear to In the loop : fiction and British politics

King Lear to In the loop : fiction and British politics

King Lear to In the loop : fiction and British politics
On 11 December 2009, Nottingham University's Centre for British Politics held a conference at the British Academy that drew together politicians, writers and academics to explore the interaction of British politics and fiction.

In addition to the conference several video interviews were conducted with some of the speakers on the day.

In this interview taken at the Fiction and British Politics Conference in London, playwright James Graham (Toryboyz, Little Madam, Sons of York) talks about his approach to political fiction and what inspires him.

Suitable for Undergraduate study and community education

James Graham, Political Playwright

James Graham writes for theatre, radio, film and television. He won the Catherine Johnson Award for the Best Play 2007 for his play Eden's Empire and was awarded the Pearson Playwriting Bursary in 2006. He is Writer in Residence at the Finborough Theatre and a member of the Royal Court/BBC 50 scheme.

James's play Tory Boyz for the National Youth Theatre caused a storm during its run at the
Soho Theatre for its portrayal of young, gay men in the modern Conservative Party and
received excellent reviews. His first film for television, Caught in a Trap, was broadcast on ITV1 on Boxing Day 2008 and was picked as one of the Broadcast Magazine Hotshots in the same year. He is under commission from a number of TV companies and his play The Whiskey Taster premieres at the Bush Theatre in early 2010.

The Centre for British Politics is based in the University's School of Politics and International Relations. www.nottingham.ac.uk/politics/cbp

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King Lear to In the loop : fiction and British politics

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