Physics in architecture

Physics in architecture

Physics in architecture
Developed in 1998 by Dr John Whittle (Department of the Built Environment) using Authorware, this package contains brief interactive notes on eight areas of physics in which architects need a working knowledge. However, it is also useful to others in science, engineering and social sciences looking for an introduction to the topics concerned. These topics are: Units of measurement; Scalar and vector quantities; Newton’s laws; Mass and weight; Action and reaction; Waves; Heat, work and energy; and Light.

Suitable For: Undergraduate Year One Students and Vocational Training

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Dr John Whiittle, School of Built Environment

Dr John Whittle is the Quality Assurance Officer for Medicine and Administrator of the Medical Education Unit at The University of Nottingham. After reading Physics at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne, he remained in the University to carry out research for his PhD in computer simulation of the performance of houses. He then undertook post-doctoral research in Newcastle at The Building Science Section of the School of Architecture before taking up a lectureship at the University of Nottingham. After many years teaching and researching he migrated into full time administration and is now a senior member of staff in the Nottingham Medical School

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Physics in architecture

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