Politics in 60 seconds. History and the state

Politics in 60 seconds. History and the state

Politics in 60 seconds. History and the state
Dr Malika Rahal defines a polical concept in 60 seconds for those with a spare minute to learn something new. This videocast focuses on history and the state as a political concept.

Warning: video does contain bloopers and out takes.

May 2010

Suitable for Undergraduate study and Community education

Dr Malika Rahal, School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Malika Rahal is a lecturer specializing in Middle Eastern and North African History and Politics. Before joining the School of Politics in Nottingham, she was a History teacher and researcher in France. She still teaches at Science Po in Paris and is an associate researcher at the Institut d'Histoire du Temps présent (CNRS).

Dr Malika Rahal's PhD dealt with the development of nationalist parties in Algeria before the independence and the way post-independence nationalist narratives wrote some of them out of history. Her research interests include the relation between metropoles and colonies and the forms of conflicts - whether armed or otherwise - leading to independences: political mobilization, repression, guerrilla and counter-guerrilla warfare, as well as the way colonial History is - or isn't - written in former colonies and metropoles.

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Politics in 60 seconds. History and the state

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