Power and international order

Power and international order

Power and international order
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As taught Autumn Semester 2010.

This module gives students the unique opportunity to study a selected range of fundamental texts, which have a crucial and seminal influence on the development of International Relations, and on the study of war and peace, culture and strategy.

Using these texts, the aim is both to analyse the growth of the discipline of International Relations, and assess how these texts reflect and inform key themes and debates, such as: the creation of a world society, the different interpretations of power and national interest, the concepts of ethics and intervention, human security, racism and emancipation, motives underlying conflicts, genocide, and conditions necessary for peace.

We will conduct in-depth discussions on the values of these texts, and be critical in our analyses. In particular, we will: 1) evaluate how these texts reflect the wide range of perspectives studied by International Relations scholars; 2) compare how different concepts are analysed by the authors; and 3) examine how these works are informed by their historical context, but also how they help us understand contemporary problems.

This is the only module which concentrates exclusively on the study of books. It will give you fundamental knowledge and understanding, which you will be able to use in your other modules, and in your future professional life. You will become experts in primary sources, and critical analysts of textbooks and newspaper articles which use terms such as realpolitik, prestige, norms and racism without really defining or understanding them.

Module Code:M12053

Credits: 20

Suitable for study at: Undergrdauate level 2

Dr Catherine Gegout

Catherine Gegout's major research interests are in international relations theories, ethics and European politics, with expertise in European foreign and security policies. More recently, her attention has focused upon European intervention in Africa.

Catherine Gegout is the principle investigator of the CoReach project on Europe and China: Addressing New International Security and Development Challenges in Africa. She is also co-responsible for the project Armed Groups and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Africa, funded by the British Academy

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Power and international order

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