Roads to modernity, 1789-1945

Roads to modernity, 1789-1945

Roads to modernity, 1789-1945
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As taught Autumn/Spring Semesters 2010/11.

This module addresses the nature of ‘modernity’. It explores the ideas and historical experiences that transformed societies in Europe and around the world during a series of epic journeys from the distant past to the near present. In the autumn semester lectures and seminars provide a broad chronological survey of major events from 1789 to 1945. The focus is on key episodes and historical forces mainly in Europe but also traces their wider impact, following threads that have run through different places at different times. In the spring semester the module goes on to consider some of the themes that shaped modern society and culture, together with competing political ideologies that defined new visions of the future. These include models of innovation, reform and progress that had a profound effect in their own time, went on to influence the post-war era and, to varying extents, continue to frame our world today.

Module Code: V11205

Credits: 20

Suitable for study at: Undergraduate level 1

Dr Sara Motta, School of Politics and International Relations

School of History:

Our teaching and learning methods, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, are strongly focused on 'active learning'. We emphasise that effective learning in History comes especially from one's own enquiries, critical thinking, and reflection.

You will therefore be encouraged to become independent learners and thinkers, whilst being guided by expert tutors. Active participation and involvement in class discussion and group activities are therefore given priority as a means of developing skills required for learning, researching and employment.

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Roads to modernity, 1789-1945

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