Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering

Environmental engineering
The Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering has concerns about the lack of knowledge amongst school pupils, and their teachers, of the type of work undertaken by an Environmental Engineer. The interactive presentation was developed as part of an awareness raising exercise for aspects of Environmental Engineering. Targeted at KS3 pupils particularly in Year 9 (Y9) the themes of air/ soil/water pollution were chosen because of their links to the KS3 National Curriculum for Science ( eg unit 9g Environmental Chemistry). The rationale behind the presentation was that visually it must be engaging and provide a clear indication of the consequences of actions but at the same time have questions using appropriate language that provide a basis for extending discussion / teaching beyond students/teachers current experience.

The presentation has been made available through our website and demonstrated at a variety of events where School Teachers meet eg 14-19 Conference ( School of Education) and PGCE Science Mentor Meetings ( School of Education).

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Environmental engineering

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