Challenging reality

Challenging reality

Challenging reality
A behind the scenes interview with Professor Christopher Barnatt, Director and Producer of a new TV documentary on what we perceive to be real, and what, if any, future lies ahead for us.

The TV documentary was televised in April 2009 and was based on a book written by Professor Christopher Barnatt in 1997, also entitled Challenging Reality, which focused on momentus change across history. The new television series developed this theme further, with input from numerous other experts at the University of Nottingham, across three episodes looking at human achievement, geography and communications and the individual and their role in society.

April 2009

Suitable for Undergraduate study and community education

Professor Christopher Barnatt, Associate Professor Business School and Director Producer of "Challenging Reality"

Professor Christopher Barnatt has worked in the Business School at the University of Nottingham for around 19 years, where he is now Director of Teaching. Outside of that role he teaches computing and technology modules, mainly on undergraduate programmes. He is currently researching in the areas of Future Studies, Web 2.0, and green computing, and is actively involved in research, online teaching support and development in a variety of media termed as "Higher Education 2.0".

Outside of the University he is the author of ExplainingComputers.com and ExplainingTheFuture.com, as well as a regular contributor to the Morning Show on BBC Radio Nottingham and "The Night Before" on Kerrang! Radio.

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Challenging reality

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