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U-Now is the University of Nottingham’s formal open courseware initiative.

Open CourseWare (OCW) is a term used to describe collections of educational materials that are freely available, usually via the Web for use and in some cases, modification.

Learning materials may be complete modules or smaller scale learning objects. No assessment is undertaken and no credits are awarded. It is essentially a process of sharing knowledge and expertise making aspects of an institution’s approach to teaching available to other academics and making the content of that teaching available to anyone with an interest in learning.

In acting as a window onto the University of Nottingham’s activities, u-Now offers an opportunity for knowledge to be shared widely so as to increase learning opportunities for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to undertake formal qualifications and can contribute to the advancement of pedagogy across the academic community.

The resources available here show a range of teaching and learning activities from across the University that are drawn from a large number of degree programmes offered

U-Now Team

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The U-Now team offers you a very warm welcome to the U-Now website, the University of Nottingham's initiative to offer some of its teaching and learning materials on an open access basis. The resources come from a variety of staff from across the campuses and vary in what they aim to do and how they do it. Please feel free to browse through the materials, download them, engage with them and perhaps learn new things about subjects that are new to you or learn more about ones that are more familiar to you. We hope that you enjoy the materials, have fun engaging with them and learn a little more about the University of Nottingham as a result.

The U-Now project has been sponsored by the University's e-learning strategy and put in place by a team of people headed by academics Professor Chris Ennew and Professor Wyn Morgan working very closely with the Information Services Learning Technology Section headed by Andy Beggan and supported by Steve Stapleton, Yijun Xue, Nuno Jorge, Colleen McCants.

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